The WISE Scholarship Program™ and its proprietary portals/apps is an open-ended platform that allows us to create a World Impact through Scholarships + Education. “WISE

Our “Earn to Learn” approach utilizes a three-part balanced point system that fairly weights a student’s Academic Grades, Social Involvement/Undertakings, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Levels, along with a fourth element constituted by reference letters and your final essay all to determine total points and subsequently dollars earned.

The Steele Family Foundation developed this program so students may secure financial support to advance their career objectives.

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World – Impact – Scholarships & Education

Through “post-secondary” education platforms and Scholarship partners, we’re here to support the development of “Stranded Superstar” elementary and secondary-level students around the world into socially responsible, global citizens!

To assist in the development of Stranded Superstars in elementary and secondary level students into becoming socially responsible global citizens

To build confidence, resilience, skills for work and friendship groups. Support marginalized young adults to overcome challenge of accessing post secondary education and personal development

Any educational establishment that is currently collaborating with WISE and/or any of its affiliates is eligible to apply

Students are able to enrol in either the first or second year of their secondary education

Stranded Superstars! 

Those with big dreams and a genuine willingness to go above and beyond to obtain their post-secondary educational

How It Works

After the SFF enters into a ratified funding agreement with it’s lead charity partner, the following steps are taken👇

Step 1

Students from the school make a formal application accompanied by a personal essay (goals, objectives, interests + background) for the WISE Scholarship

Step 3

Once accepted into the program, a cumulative rolling score depending on their respective accomplishments in all four pillars will be tabulated over the max 4 year term

Step 4

As students continue to improve their score, they are awarded with yearly scholarships working to earn as close to 100 points as possible. These points enable them to fund their post-secondary education

The Award encourages young people to learn new skills, get active, volunteer, and discover a sense of adventure outside the classroom.

It helps young people unlock their potential and prepare for the future.

Using the Award framework and with the support of adult volunteers, students develop their own bespoke program, as they work towards achieving the internationally recognized Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

How “Earn to Learn” Scoring Works

(100 Point Breakdown)



Academic Grades



Inter-Scholastic and Extra-Curricular School Activities



Outside Social Volunteer Programs – Non Formal Educational Experiences



Letters of Reference & Essays (Letters of Reference = 5 points) + (Final Essay = 5 points)

Scholarship Award Guidelines

Using the cumulative score, we determine the scholarship amounts to be awarded.



100% Scholarship award for up to four years



Shall be a prorated amount of the full Scholarship ride



No Scholarship
Funding (NIL)


“Earn to Learn” Points

STUDENT Academic Grades Extra-Curricular
School Activities
Awards (DOE)
Letters of
 + Final Essay
90% - Academic Grades
(90% X 30) = 27 Points
28 Points
30 Points
(Gold Medal)
10 Points
95 PTS
80% - Academic Grades
(80% X 30) = 24 Points
29 Points
20 Points
(Silver Medal)
10 Points
83 PTS
97% - Academic Grades
(97% X 30) = 29 Points
20 Points
10 Points
(Bronze Medal)
10 Points
69 PTS


Scholarship Granting Formula

Africa = up to $15,000/year

About the WISE

Portal Technology

The WISE Scholarship Program™ utilizes a web application that will be developed exclusively by the Steele Family Foundation to connect gifted young people with the resources to pursue post-secondary education.

Eligible students will be invited to apply for the WISE scholarship through the portal, and scholarship recipients can use the portal throughout their post-secondary education to manage their scholarship funds, engage with their peers, and report on their academic experiences.

Student Testimonial

“I have worked hard to overcome the challenges of my early life. I study hard and I have dreams about helping the children I grew up with in Kakiri, Uganda. Before I heard about this scholarship, I saw my future in black and white. But with this opportunity, I see my future in full color. I could achieve my dreams to become a doctor and even build a medical clinic to serve my community and others like it.”


HGIC student and potential future scholarship recipient

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